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Russian nightlife spot in the heart of Central district serving vodka, vodka and more vodka

Located at the Lan Kwai Fong Tower, you can experience nightlife as if you were in the Soviet Union at Balalaika. Featuring a bar and restaurant serving authentic Russian cuisine in large portions. Try out the Piroshkies-Russian Home and Caucasian Shashlik for something you have never tasted before. If you're into caviar, they also do plenty of those aswell. While you're eating away listening to Russian music that really does set the mood and also surrounded in a decor that hints Russia such as the country's flag and deer antlers, traditional clothing worn by the staff. This is a great night in itself but there is one more thing that you must try before you leave this place, which incidently, will be the feature that brings you back and again.

How do you like the thought of actually feeling the cold of Russia while drinking real vodka from their country? Well, you can. Right here in Balalaika, they have a bar literally inside a fridge called the Siberian Vodka room. It's something that you'll not forget because there's nothing else like it in Hong Kong. Don't worry if you're wearing your short sleeves and shorts because before enteing this sub-zero temperature room at -20 degrees, you'll be given a fur coat and matching fur hat. Serving over 60 varieties of Vodka for you to choose from, you'll find yourself in the room for longer than you thought you could bear the freezing cold. All very fun!

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Area: Central
Address: M/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham St., Central
Contact: 35792929

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0 #1 kim
2011-05-31 09:50
Love the food here and the atmosphere. The vodka room is pretty neat as well. Adds fun to your night out. Id the one in Knutsford Terrace still around or is it just in Lan Kwai Fong now? Anyone know?
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