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Racks MDB

One of the hippest nightspots in town which provides an alternative to the usual drinking, dancing and cavorting scene.

So what is Racks MDB? From its name it could be one of a number of things. Well, it's not referring to womens parts, shame on you for thinking that! It's not another name for shelves either. Racks is the newest nightlife trend in Hong Kong for young hipsters, artists, celebs and what not, to get together and hang out to play billiards (better know as playing pool). The MDB part stands for Music, Drinks and Billiards.

So why is it so popular? Well, it really is an alternative to your same old drinking and dancing that you do in almost all other nightlife venues in the city. While this is good if you fancy yourself as a hot dancer but what about the rest of us who only know how to move our knees and hands while our feet are plastered to the ground for the whole duration of a song? Yes, Racks MDB is for you. Stand still no more and get in here for some fun. One thing that you should know though is that this pools venue adopts a members only policy.

It's set on the 7th floor of the newly renovated M88 on Wellington Street just off Lan Kwai Fong with 3500sq ft to play with, Racks houses several pool tables, dance floor, loads of seating areas with comfortable couches and stools and of course, a bar to buy those all important alcoholic drinks. Windows circulate which allows natural light to enter the venue creating an awesome ambiance, unlike those secluded and clostrophobic snooker or pool halls you are all so used to back in your hometown. Owned by a team of designer, DJ and model, you can be sure that Racks MDB is by far one of the most funkiest and original entertainment spots in Hong Kong. I give it two thumbs up!

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Racks MDB
Area: Central
Address: M88, 7/F 2-8 Wellington Street Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 28683762
Other: Pool hall - 12 noon till 3am everyday

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0 #1 carol
2011-05-28 11:27
great place to play pool in Hong Kong. Not sure of any other places where you cab chill out and play
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