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Tastings Wine Bar

Down in the basement of Yuen Yick Building on Wellington Street in Central is Tastings Wine Bar incorporating a dispensing system for pouring wine....genious!

You wouldn't have expected to see in Hong Kong a bar or club that has an Enomatic wine-dispenser built into their bar. It's more like something that you would come across while holidaying in Europe in the likes of Italy and France where wine flows so freely. There are over 40 different wines on taps to choose from here at Tastings Wine Bar all sitting nicely upside down behind the bar. I found myself glancing over at the unfamiliar display every once in a while because it's really not something that has become something of the norm yet in my mind.

You have 3 different servings to choose from, 25ml, 75ml and 150ml. Since there's such a large range of wines here, I recommend the 25ml so you can try more of the others but of course it's cheaper to go for the 150ml glass than 6 times 25ml glasses. All the wines obviously will differ in price aswell with Lebnese and South African wines being the more affordable. Tastings Wine Bar have said to be able to keep the wines in their dispensers for 3 weeks but with a place like this, I won't be surprised if they'll go through several bottles of each a day.

For cheese lovers, Camembert from Normandy and Viking Danablu (Danish blue cheese) are available for ordering. Snacks are also available for your pickings such as antipasti like bruschetta, stuffed olives, eggplant humus and prosciutto with melon.

The decor is somewhat strange for this type of wine cellar bar. The walls are covered in black tree-like blobs on a white canvas. Anyway, who cares about decor? A great bar for tasting wine from around the world..

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Tastings Wine Bar
Area: Central
Address: B/F, Yuen Yick Building, 27-29 Wellington St., Central
Contact: 25236282

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0 #1 vicky
2010-09-13 23:52
tiny place, hard to find and bloody expensive.
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