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Tonic Bar

Frog Face Fish closes it's doors to make way for the all new ultra-chic Tonic bar

Well, another one bites the dust in Hong Kong's nightlife scene possibly falling victim to the slowing down of the global economy. We at are trying hard to keep track of who's staying alive, who's joining the game and who's said their farewells, so if you find any new bars or clubs opening or closing, please ease our pain by letting us know here.

The new Tonic bar is good for drinks aswell as for snacky food with a list of sexy drinks including classic cocktails, quality champagnes and liquor. In the food department, Tonic serves up a good platter of potato skins, calamari and cheeses. Fries, nachos and all sorts of finger food can be ordered with dips.

Being a new bar on the scene, socialites of the city are quickly finding their way to the new Tonic bar and with the added bonus of being in the upclass area of Wyndham Street near Lan Kwai Fong, they're not short of smartly dressed business people come party goers passer-bys. In other words, they've found their regulars already and also packed during peak times of the week. Music is funky during these hours where DJ's are on their decks. Jazz and blues played during other times.

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Tonic Bar
Area: Central
Address: 43-55 Wyndham St., Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 25378010

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-4 #1 Hilary Chow
2010-12-23 17:02
The DJ after midnight was horrible. He plays nothing relevant or current, and many of them were not even in English or any European languages. He successfuly drove away most of the customers on the dancefloor in just 15 minutes.
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0 #2 queen
2011-05-28 14:17
been tryin to call for 2 weeks - no one ever pics up or returns the msgs i leave on voicemail.....
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+2 #3 na ma
2012-05-18 08:27
One time many of us girls went in and the African bouncers were quite happy but the tall one who’s been working there since Tonic opened grabbed my friend's arm and stroked her waist. My friend had to wriggle free.

And the next time when we went there again, he saw my friend and didn’t let us in!
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+1 #4 pat
2012-12-08 22:53
What does that Mr Murphy at the door actually do other than being a douchebag? Every time I see him he's not working but standing outside chatting up a female client.
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-1 #5 Lisa
2013-05-28 14:30
DJ was good, playing a mix of old and current songs. Crowd was great! Will definitely come back when visiting Hong Kong.
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+1 #6 Disappointed
2013-11-01 17:00
My husband and a couple friend went here and after buying a round of drinks my husband was accused of not paying the bill. Him and some manager spent close to an hour reviewing video footage. They had him going to the bar but not leaving, therefore they couldnt prove he had paid. Seemed like a total scam to us. Not to mention when my husband said call the police they dropped the whole thing.
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0 #7 Avoid
2014-01-15 22:23
Been their with a friend, it was 2:00, asked a person who look like a manager if we could have a drink. She agreed. While choosing our drink the bouncer just quick us out rudely. Plenty of other clubs in Hong Kong
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