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The Pier

Fancy the thought of going for a drink or two inside an old cabin of a ship?

In this ever developing and transforming area of Kennedy Town, another bar opens, but this is not another one of those mainstream bars that you find scattered around the less renown nightlife areas of Hong Kong. The Pier pub has the added fun of the feeling that you're walking into the cabin of an old ship decorated with wooden stools, fishnets, ocean-like painted walls and a bar to serve you what you originally came in for. Serving a nice selection of alcoholic beverages with some imported local drinks from other countries that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else in the city.

Being a bar slash pub, you'll be getting the added bonus of being able to order pub grub such as pies, burgers and pizzas. Always good with a beer during weekends and weeekday lunch hours if you can down a beer before heading back to work in your office. The people here who own The Pier are from the Castro's Club and they made sure to promote it wisely by offering special offers most days of the week. Mondays you have one price cocktails, Tuesdays are 2 for 1 wine, Wednesday it's the beers turn and Thursdays nights, well, are for the ladies. For the guys, you can make do with the free snacks that come with your drinks.

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Special Offers:
HK$28 cocktails on Mondays, 2-for-1 wine on Tuesdays, 2-for-1 beers on Wednesdays, and ladies night on Thursdays
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The Pier
Area: Kennedy Town
Address: G/F, 1C Davis St., Kennedy Town
Contact: 28651181

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0 #1 Vincent
2012-01-05 14:17
The Pier is a example of how not to run a bussiness or a bar that manges to survive because of it location despite terrible service, Unhygeinic conditions, dirty glasses and sour - faced staff. I wonder why the HK authorities don't close it down. Avoid.
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0 #2 veekay
2012-06-11 19:07
Things have improved since the new management took over few months ago. They have introduce new food menu as well, i must say the food is very good, specially weekend brunch
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