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Studio City Bar

Megabox in Kowloon Bay contributes to Hong Kong's nightlife with it's American themed licensed bar

With the city's ever growing American expatriate community, it's only right that a few more of these slick American 1950's memorabilia bars open up to keep them happy, and also for the rest of us of course. I absolutely love going to these themed bars like Studio City Bar because it's a treat to the eyes aswell as building an atmosphere that's not all too common everywhere you go. Photos, posters of Hollywood stars and glamour, comfy padded seating with a view of the plasma TVs in a dimly lit area all helps to create an atmosphere you would find in a bar in the states.

The food is very American for example all-day breakfasts, sandwiches, snacks platter, buffalo wings, potato wedges, ribs, pastas, nachos. Even if they are looked upon as greasy food, who cares? We would all love to eat this 3 meals a day, everyday, but will feel mighty guilty afterwards. The drinks includes all your standards that is beers, cocktails and wines. You could go for caffeine fueled drinks if you prefer.

The music here in the Studio City Bar is of course classic old-school American rock, just the way we like it. If you have never been to Kowloon Bay before, now you have reason to go.

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Studio City Bar
Area: Kowloon Bay
Address: L/11, Megabox, Wan Chiu Rd., Kowloon Bay
Contact: 35435638

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