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Club 97

One of the running longest established hang outs in Lan Kwai Fong for gays and straights

With 25 years under its belt and still running exceptionally strong, Club 97 is here to stay for good. Reknown for their late nights, and when I say late, I mean things start to pick up at 1.30am in the morning when some party people are already contemplating calling it a night (you know exactly what I'm talking about..). Also known for their range of music spun by their in-house DJ's. 70's disco hits and jazz, soul and fubnk are also on their weekly agenda. To get an idea how popular Club 97 is, regulars are calling it "The Club".

Very popular with the gay community in Hong Kong which they have a special going on every week on Fridays, happy hours between 6pm and 10pm along with a drag queen show. Don't worry if you're not gay, because Club 97 has promotions and events for everyone. Their regular happy hours is during weekdays between 6pm and 9pm. Wednesdays are for the Spanish dancers amongst us with Salsa night and Thursdays are for the ladies with special promotions. Lots of events are held here, too many to mention so visit regularly for updates or better still, sign up for our newsletters by email.

I would personally recommend Club 97 even though I am not gay, but because it brings such a diverse range of socialites together which in turn electrifys the venue.

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Happy Hours:
8pm - 9pm
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Club 97
Area: Lan Kwai Fong
Address: G/F, 9 Lan Kwai Fong Central
Contact: 21861819
Other: Opening Hours: Mon - Thu: 6pm - 2am, Fri 6pm - 4am, Sat 8pm - 4am, Sun 8pm - 3am

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0 #1 Dawid
2011-10-19 19:03
I would like to know if this year you will organize New Year's Eve Party,
how much will cost, what kind of music you play on it
where can I get more information
greet Dawid
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0 #2 Salsa Guy
2012-05-30 22:53
If you want to go there for Salsa night, be aware that the dance floor is about 5' x 10'
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0 #3 hkclubsalsa
2013-11-27 11:41
Quoting Salsa Guy:
If you want to go there for Salsa night, be aware that the dance floor is about 5' x 10'

What an amazing exaggeration of the "FACTS"
Despite your best efforts, Salsa Guy, this event night is totally happening. The longest running Salsa Night in all of Hong Kong. We must be doing something right :-)
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