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One of Lan Kwai Fong's regular favourite drinking holes

Insomnia has been around in Lan Kwai Fong for a decade now, bearing it through all the competitions and tough economical times. "How is it able to do that?" some of the long gone venues might ask. Well, Insomnia is situated in prime location in Hong Kong's buzzing nightlife district of D'Aguilar Street in Central's business hub and it's impossible to miss it if you're in the LKF area. The front is decorated in lime stone coloured arches, 3 to be exact, so just the look of it appeals to passer-bys.

The inside is described as what seems like a European Family Manor House again built with lime stone, arched windows and classical art paintings on the walls. Split into 2 main areas, the front side of the venue looks out to the outside of Lan Kwai Fong, so you can see the action with it's own bar. If it gets too hot sitting there or you want some more privacy, take a short walk to the back where there it's more spacious with air conditioning, another bar, some dancing space and a stage for live bands performances.

Live bands are very good here, playing cover versions of anything but everything with superb acoustics. Get's crowded during the peak times of the week where people fill the floors. I admit I am a bit of a regular to Insomnia and I go there during mid week for a bit of peace during their happy hour times. The music then is toned down so you can have a chat with your mates in the dim down lighting while you enjoy 40% off your drinks. Usual's are available, reds, whites, liquors and bottles of beer.

The bar staff comes round with free finger food once in a while which is great after a few drinks.

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Area: Lan Kwai Fong
Address: 38-44 D'Aguilar St., Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 25250957
Other: Open 24/7 and 365 days a year

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0 #1 kath
2010-09-13 23:26
Do they still have live bands here cos the last few times i went there was nothing?
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+1 #2 steve
2010-09-14 00:06
what's up with the waitresses here? it's like get out of here if you don't have a drink in your hand that's half full. I think they really need to stop that otherwise people won't go back. I won't be going back anyway.
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+3 #3 Andy
2012-03-14 15:40
Had a great time and enjoyed the band. Definitely did feel the same as Steve about the drinks. Strong push to drink constantly. A bit of a turn off, but we still had a great time.
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+1 #4 Charlene
2012-06-20 16:38
the live bands there are very good, I had a wonderful time with friends. I will go back next time.
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+1 #5 Lunch customer
2012-08-16 13:09
The manager has super bad attitude. She took away the food on our table without saying a word then bring back a dish with very obvious signs of eaten or at least touched by other customers. When speaking about it with her, she gave us a very rude attitude.
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0 #6 Miro
2012-09-14 05:16
Very nice atmosphere and live band...i was there two weeks ago, and i am planing to visit insomnia again when i come to hong kong...i met a very nice girls from Philliphines named Bell and Perla...if someone knows them tell them to contact me
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0 #7 steve
2013-02-13 21:26
This club is amazing !!! My friend brought me there at the very begining and later i visit there by myself and i meet some new fds too !
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