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Magnum Club

MAGNUM CLUB is the finest club for entertainment and socializing, which represents the heart of Central’s nightlife.

Crystalized DJ booth, sparkling crystal chandelier, flashing washrooms and ten advanced LED walls are all MAGNUM CLUB’s unique hallmarks. Over past year, MAGNUM CLUB proudly pronounces that it created a brand new meaning to “Luxury” and be the perfect destination for gorgeous night in Hong Kong!

It also has a spacious balcony on each floor, which allows you to have a sip of fine wine and enjoy a panoramic view of the famous LKF as well as spending your night with friends.

MAGNUM CLUB provides a great platform for artists, Worldwide DJs, and performers. Here you can enjoy great music and extravagant lighting effect as well as good and drinks. Let’s come closer to feel and see the definition of nightlife in Hong Kong presented by MAGNUM CLUB!

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Magnum Club
Area: Lan Kwai Fong
Address: 3/4/F Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street, Lan Kwai Fong Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 21161602

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+2 #1 Yuet Hin Lee
2012-07-22 03:58
Rude bouncers and ridiculous cover (450HKD) single entry which is complete rip-off. Avoid
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0 #2 Jessi
2013-05-15 11:17
nice club!popular and good atmosphere
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0 #3 Eva
2013-05-15 13:18
Great club I ever seen! Everything is pretty great !
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0 #4 Mr P
2013-05-15 14:44
Quite nice club! Very popular... Always full house
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0 #5 Meyo
2013-05-15 17:10
It is a awesome club.
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0 #6 Nick
2013-06-04 22:28
I love the LED wall !!!!!!
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0 #7 Leo
2013-06-14 12:46
The girls there are so hot.
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0 #8 kiki
2013-06-28 02:18
Highly recommended to you
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