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Buddha Lounge

Relaxing bar in the midst of Soho with late happy hours and good music

The Buddha Lounge creates a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a couple of drinks with your mates in an intimate setting formed by it's small size, lighting and range of music.

Loads of different DJ's play here, which is also a place where they can begin to get some experience and recognition. Several house DJs including DJ Kash, DJ Bishal, DJ Chinco and DJ Praveen along with a string of international DJs playing every night until 2am aprt from Sundays when they're closed. Live acoustic is available every fortnight aswell, so as you can probaly guess, this place is all about music, so if you're into your beats and rhythms, get yourself down to Buddha Lounge.

Special includes their 12 shooters, ladies nights on Tuesdays offering free vodka and also their happy hours extends till 10pm which is 1hour more than most other bars.

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Buddha Lounge
Area: Soho Mid-Levels
Address: L/G, Amber Lodge, Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 25262562

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0 #1 Angle
2012-08-21 02:34
Crazy Hongkong girls!!!
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