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Déjà Vu

There's a sexy buzz flowing through the new Déjà Vu bar lounge hidden at the back of Soho and Mid-Levels

Attractively decorated private lounge to lure all fashion seekers and trendy people to a treat and a half. Fresh flowers decorate the venue throughout, a massive tinted window on one of the walls, ceilings that are like 3 times as high as the ones in your own house, an outdoor courtyard with pretty little plants that I could pretend to know and name them but not many people would know or care too much about that. Just the prettiness is enough explanation. Also, if you go up the stairs, there's a private lounge and balcony for you to relax from. The main focal point of Déjà Vu has to be the enormous portrait of the sexy woman (French, I think) by Annie Leibovitz. Sitting above the seating area where you can turn around and admire it every so often.

While your eyes have a treat, what about your ears? Chillout tunes to further enhance your already impressed feeling for this venue. In terms of quenching your thirst, cocktails take lead in the drinks department. Great mixes such as the Luscioustini which contains wasabi and the Déjà Vu cocktail which contains balsamic vinegar. Main beer to go for here is Kronenbourg served in special limited edition bottles.

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Déjà Vu
Area: Soho Mid-Levels
Address: B/F, 41 Staunton St., Central
Contact: 34819996

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