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Home Base Club

The final destination for an all-night partying binge.

With 5am being club Home Base's busiest hour after all the other clubs have gone to sleep, you can continue partying non-stop straight into the morning. Then leave before 11am to stop by McDonalds for a breakfast before going home to hit the sack. Sound good? Because that's what I did!

New design after the relocation only a few steps away from it's old on Hollywood Road which is now underground rather than having to take the lift up. Filled with loads of big comfy white sofas with cushions making this club real comfy, somewhere you would like to snuggle up and sleep but would also refrain from doing so. They have a new and improved drinks list to keep you happy throughout the night. After you have tried all their drinks you might want to give the dancing pole a go, afterwhich you will understand how athletic and skillful pole dancers actually are. Yes, now I know!

The Home Base Club is opened from the afternoon playing jazz music for people who do not need to be at work slaving it out. DJ's at night namely DJ Big James, DJ Christian and DJ Thierry. Oh...and also look out for their secret door

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Home Base Club
Area: Soho Mid-Levels
Address: LG/F, Au’s Building, 17-19 Hollywood Rd., Central
Contact: 25371000

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