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Kee Club

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Kee Club
Area: Soho Mid-Levels
Address: 32 Wellington Street Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Contact: 28109000

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+1 #1 M D frenemy
2013-03-07 22:34
Nice interior and by that I mean on the walls. Terrible French manager, the most uncharming and uncool. I won't go into the details. If you're Asian or have an Asian in your party, avoid trouble and have fun elsewhere.
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+1 #2 Richard
2013-04-22 21:30
I'm not alone then! If you're white even if you're an exchange student at Poly U mostly seen outside the 7-11 in LKF then you'll walk into Kee alright, welcomed with a smile. But if you're a successful professional of Asian descent, you'll be asked to prove your membership. KEE Club is racist and who would want to be seen going in and out of a racist place? I'm white fyi but my best friends and business partners are Asians so I conduct my business anywhere but at KEE Club to stay out of trouble.
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+1 #3 Oliver
2013-05-14 22:47
I've noticed that too! Western expats in the income bracket of I'd say under 30000 really like to post pics of their night at Kee Club. And loads of exchange students and interns at Kee now, classy no more.
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