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M1nt Club

M1nt is one of the trendiest and recognised clubs with venues in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Cannes

A highly successful chain of clubs run by 250 wealthy shareholders started in London by Alistair Paton has made its way to Hong Kong's Hollywood Road in Central to treat the people here who enjoy the finer things in life. M1nt or if you prefer calling it Mint, has set new high standards for modern day members only clubs, which has caught on during these past few years. A limousine service and private catamaran is available for all their shareholders and members. Beat that!

To get in, you will have to be a member which is not easy to come by so you'll have to find some other way to weasel your way in and get past the finger print entry system at the main entrance. As you're walking into the premises, you're surrounded by an impressive art gallery including work by Damien Hirst. And it gets better. If you're privileged enough to get into their VIP rooms, you will be left standing (or sitting) in awe because swimming around you are sharks and piranhas which is totally James Bond like.

As you would expect, M1nt plays host to hundreds of high end events and parties for example events by Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Versace and loads of others. And with that, celebrities, tycoons, the rich and the smart, are seen flowing in and out of M1nt day in day out so you can be sure that M1nt really is second to none when it comes to top venues.

While this may be a little intimidating for some of us small potato party people, we at Hong Kong Bars Clubs (.com) highly recommends you to give it a shot.

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M1nt Club
Area: Soho Mid-Levels
Address: 108 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 22611111

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0 #1 eve
2010-09-12 21:40
How do you become a member of mint?
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0 #2 Mike
2010-11-13 11:07
Totally funky place like. Absolutely love Mint. Great music, drinks and of course the ladies! Hong Kong really does rock for bringing out some of the best bars and clubs I've been to.
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0 #3 Tom
2011-04-28 23:21
Nice place but poorly run by a team on a nightly basis. They greeted us guys warmly but ignored the ladies with us. One of the ladies was a PR maverick and put M1nt on the black list after that one night. No product launches or events, only negative and honest reviews. No wonder it's long closed.
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