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Mingle Bar and Cafe

Fancy going for a few cocktails and a lesson on how to make them by the barman?

Yes, I don't know any other places that does this either but Mingle Bar and Cafe really can give you a simple lesson on making concoctions of alcoholic mixes. It only costs HK$100 (at the time of this writing mind) and what's more, they throw in two drinks with that aswell. Now tell me that isn't an offer and half. Of course though, they won't be showing you how to juggle with bottles like Tom Cruise did in his 1988 movie Cocktail when he played a young New York bartender.

Mingle is under new management so if this bar and cafe situated on the outskirts of Soho and Mid-Levels wasn't exactly your cup of tea before, do stop by next time you're in the neighbourhood. Popular with Hong Kong's French community because of it's cafe, alfresco tables out front and wifi access with jazzy music in the back during most of the day and latin music during the evenings. Oh, and one more thing, their toilets are rather enormous.

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HK$100 for a lesson on making cocktails plus two drinks
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Mingle Bar and Cafe
Area: Soho Mid-Levels
Address: 148 Wellington St., Central
Contact: 28515040
Other: Opening Hours: Mon-Thu, 6pm-9pm

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