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Soho Junction

In amongst the residential area of Soho, an aptly named bar called Soho Junction has become a local favourite for laid back expats.

While you're heading home, if you live nearby Soho that is, why not stop by at this chilled out bar sitting so conveniently at the corner of Staunton Street called Soho Junction. With a wide open shop front, it says nothing else but "Welcome! Buy a drink, sit down and watch the people go by going about their daily business while you relax it off for the day". People usually come in here with a book, tourists taking a rest before moving off again and groups of friends sitting around having a good old chat. Drinks are really cheap aswell during their happy hours between 4-9pm with beers from $31 (at the time of this writing). Also on offer are wines, cocktails and shooters.

In terms of decoration, if you've enthusiastic about geography, more specifically of the Napal region of this world, check out their map on the wall. A good time to learn some Napalese town names. Educating!!!

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Happy Hours:
4pm - 9pm
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Soho Junction
Area: Soho Mid-Levels
Address: 36C Staunton St., Central
Contact: 28585253

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