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T:me Gay Bar

Another new bar opens adding to the list of bars to hangout in Soho for gay people

Along Hollywood Road in Soho Central, adding to the growing number of sleek, trendy and might I add gay-friendly bars is T:ME. Next door to Club 71, this venue welcomes you with large floor to ceiling tinted glass doors. Once inside, the layout is familiar with a lot of other bars in around Hong Kong, narrow and deep. On your right hand side is the bar decorated with flower bouquets with bar stools along the front. To your left is a standing place for you and your gay friends to mingle and moving on in to the back of T:ME are some tables and couches where you can get more intimate with your friends or to do some canoodling with your partner. At this end is also where the focal point of this gay bar is at featuring a mirror wall with a clock projection from a corner pillar adding to a more spacious feeling. Something to ponder over and admire when you're looking around checking out the peaceful ambiance that T:ME bar creates.

Music here is soft jazz so you can easily fall into the mood. The bar stocks plenty of quality wines both red and white, champagnes and spirits but the top drinks to try here are their signature cocktails so don't miss out when you pay this bar a visit.

Drinks are a bit on the pricey side at $90 a cocktail and $64 for liquors but that's why they have happy hours throughout the week knocking 30% off champagnes, standard drinks and house wines at only $35 and $25 for beers.

If you consider yourself gay and you're in Hong Kong, T:ME is a bar you should put in your list of bars to frequent on nights out.

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Happy Hours:
6-9:30pm daily, beers $25, house wines $35
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T:me Gay Bar
Area: Soho Mid-levels
Address: Basement Floor, 65 Hollywood Road, Central, Soho, Hong Kong
Contact: 23326565
Other: Opening hours: 18:00-02:00, Monday to Saturday

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+1 #1 Sarah
2010-09-13 21:09
sounds pretty cool this bar. Are non-gays or lesbians welcome here?
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0 #2 Ralph Cheng
2011-07-05 14:52
Just want to releax and enjoy soft music but don't want to drink too much. Anywhere is there any min change.
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0 #3 Barry Sum
2011-10-30 15:36
no minimum charge. owners have a lot of straight friends so it's very straight-friendly. The park in front of the bar is near completion making it a much more pleasant venue for happy hour chill out.
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0 #4 King
2011-12-11 21:11
Any Lesbian bar or hang out in Hong Kong?
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0 #5 BISEX
2012-02-26 14:09
Lovely bar and very friendly staff, it is a must in Hong Kong
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-4 #6 Rick
2012-06-11 21:21
Nice bar. Didn't even know it was a gay bar but knowing that won't stop me going back. As long as I don't get approached by any men I'm happy coming here
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