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Veto Bar & Club

Sassy, rich man's bachelors pad decor. Somewhere you would like to own to bring your girlfriend back to, when you're a grown up.

Previously Club Mod which is now the new Veto Bar & Club sitting sophisticated on Hilltop Plaza Hollywood Road ready to serve ladies and gentlemen in this mature looking bar with an awesome balcony area with seats and tables overlooking IFC on your left hand side and Lyndhurst Terrace down below. Great place for a relaxing drink with your partner or friends inside or out on the balcony where you don't need to speak so loud and spit on each other's ears. The fresh air, if I can call it that in Hong Kong, will also do you good after a day's work slogging it out in the cubicle of your office.

So, what about the drinks? Well, they're something that you would find in a rich man's living room drinks cabinet, that being, martini, liquors, wines and cocktails, the latter not being in the list of drinks in a rich man's drinks cabinet. Try out some of their club signatures for something unique to this venue.

Gigs are often held here at the Veto Club providing some live music. Other times, it's classic lounge music all the way until 11pm when the DJ comes out and ups the tempo to the next level.

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Veto Bar & Club
Area: Soho Mid-Levels
Address: 3/F, Hilltop Plaza, 49-51 Hollywood Rd., Central
Contact: 22014585

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