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The Wheel

A treat for sports fanatics working in Central looking to catch a game during their lunch break

While you're working feverishly in the morning in your office in Central and with the boss breathing down your neck asking you to do more than one can manage (sound familiar), and you're all worked up because there's a big footy game on TV, The Wheel on Hollywood Road will be the perfect place to go at lunchtime. Watch live coverage of the English Premiership, F1 racing and rugby in this sports bar located on Hollywood Road with 6 large plasma screens so you won't miss the action sitting wherever in this bar.

How about if there are 2 major games on at the same time? Don't fret because at The Wheel, they adopt a 3 way sound system allowing 3 different games to be broadcast with sound simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Bar on the right hand side as you walk in with green velvety seating on both sides. Several signed jerseys decorate the wall to make it more interesting. Good range of beers available with 3 taps to serve you your beer in quickly. If beer is not right for you then a good selection of wine is also available.

Pub grub is also there to keep the punters stomachs happy.

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The Wheel
Area: Soho Mid-Levels
Address: The Wheel, 26 Hollywood Road, Central
Contact: 28699958

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3.1 out of 5 based on 13 votes
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+2 #1 Nev Lee
2012-07-05 23:33
Not worth it. Very bad service!
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+2 #2 Hannah Levy
2012-08-26 17:26
Terrible service. The waiters ignored us and the manager seemed very drunk and made us feel so uncomfortable.
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-2 #3 Mike baldwin
2012-12-03 10:43
The bar has now been renovated and looks so much bigger and brighter....... Also noticed all the staff are new and much better than the old ones....... Worth another shot if u ask me.
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+1 #4 Daniel
2013-07-08 21:56
I was there last sunday. We arrived at 1945, no happy hour, asked if they were doing the Formula 1 race, they said yes, we asked for beers and after that told us that on our screen the race will be replaced by tennis. The beers served on plastic. Asked to lower the air conditioning, thay said yes but didnt do anything. Horrible service, never again.
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0 #5 mixed
2013-10-02 23:16
Downright rude service from the new staff as well - 2 girls, one fat, one with short straight hair. The pair are among the least welcoming and (least attractive) staff on Wyndham and Hollywood combined, down there with those at Fizz and Solas!
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