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Formerly Club Zaza returns revived as Club FULL HOUSE

Sumptuous Club FULL HOUSE will be officially opened in November 7th at Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, sets a brand new entertainment trend to Hong Kong. The club is the one and only glamorously new hotspot in the neighborhood for the most discerning guests in town, especially for those appreciated modern lifestyle. The Group’s new lofty club epitomizes and perpetuates Hong Kong’s luxurious urban lifestyle, and has long been anticipated by its loyal fans.

Occupying a total floor area of over 6,000 square feet, FULL HOUSE is equipped with a remarkably extensive set of entertainment facilities – splendid lighting system and sophisticated laser lighting scheme echo with each other create a magnificent view. Its professional and top-notch audio and DJ system produces extraordinary acoustics and perfectly complements the club’s exquisite luxury standards. Both local and foreign trendy fellows will doubtlessly enjoy themselves to the fullest with frequent special guest appearances and performances. The club also features two individual VIP rooms, respectively for 40 and 30 people's use. The rooms allow respected guests to secure premium private and comfort atmosphere even at the most crowded and flashy nights.

Located at the heart and transportation hub in town, FULL HOUSE is decorated with extreme luxury glamour and the finest thoughtful details. The club, painted with mesmerizing purple and dazzling gold color, furnished with extravagant classical palace-style railings, projects the truly lavish visual effects. The premise consists of two different sensational areas – The luxurious indoor versus the modern-relaxing outdoor balcony with over-1,000-square-feet. You can choose whichever you would like to anchor at according to your heart’s desire! You may enjoy have a puff of cigarette at ease and guilt-free!

FULL HOUSE’s person-in-charge says, "FULL HOUSE is going to redefine the clubbing scene in Tsim Sha Tsui. It brings a unique prestigious VIP club with diverse cultures and high-quality services comparable to Lan Kwai Fong. FULL HOUSE will become the best place for discerning trendsetters – no matter to hang out with friends for happy hours or crazy party or special occasions' celebration. The club offers a relaxed, intimate and cultured ambience in a fashionable style. The contemporary design marks the place a perfect location for concerts, private parties, innovative exhibitions and fashion shows.

Music is definitely an indispensable element in parties. No matter your favorite is Hip hop, Techo, House or Rock, FULL HOUSE's music selection is certainly an 'ear' candy. Internationally renowned DJs are also invited to feature their 'music stunt' performance.

Ladies night on Thursdays.

Listed Promotions

Happy Hours:
Mon – Sat: 6pm – 9pm
Special Offers:
Wed – Models' Night (Free entry for Models)
Fri – Ladies' Night (Free entry for the first 50 ladies)
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Area: Tsim Sha tsui
Address: 3/F, The Toy House, 100 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Contact: 31718311
Other: Mon – Thu: 6pm – 4am Fri & Sat: 6pm – 6am Closed on Sunday

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0 #1 Amanda L
2011-01-21 03:08
How much is admission? What is the average price of drinks?
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-8 #2 Oneleggoalie
2011-11-11 19:36
The price is irrelevant.
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