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Dada Bar and Lounge

Upclass jazz joint with unusual seating covering multiple eras.

This is not an ordinary jazz bar as Dada Bar and Lounge houses three differently themed private dining rooms as well, namely, Heaven, Hell and Eden. My favourite is the Hell themed room because for one, I am a guy and the other themes are a bit too cutey for me. And two, there is a sense of evil yet sexy feel coupled along with the open view of the fire.

Being a jazz venue and all, there is of course jazz music to be heard and watched live, played by their house band or talented bands who can get a gig at their venue. Soul, R and B and relaxing are the words that comes to mind when I heard them play so you can be rest assured that you'll have a relaxing time with your loved one at this venue.

The drinks selection is pretty standard but there is one drink that you must try when you visit Dada and that's the Dada. Yes, they named it after themselves because it's their special mix with blood orange juice, light rum, pomegranate liquor, spearmint and some lime.

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Dada Bar and Lounge
Area: Tsim Sha Tsui
Address: 2/F, The Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberley Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui
Contact: 37638778

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+1 #1 Priscilla
2012-05-26 18:59
I am a frequent visitor to the Dada. I love the atmosphere and range of music played by the live bands. However, I feel that I have to let you know of my great disappointment with your handling of a query I had regarding a prize won at the Dada on Christmas Eve. You presented a grand prize which read "Return ticket for two to Singapore. However,the prize is useless as you were informed.
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0 #2 Pete
2012-06-03 11:39
Went to see Eugene Pao there last night. Performance was good, but I had a huge problem with the bar staff and management; the request at the door was that each person made a minimum spend of $150 per head for drinks. Fine, no problem, in fact being a beer monster, this is just a warm-up price. What really pissed me off was pushy staff in suits going round everyone telling them that they needed to buy a drink when their glass was empty, or else. Pretty humiliating, NOT Rock n roll! Shame.
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