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Someplace Else

Want to try somewhere different and go to Someplace Else for a relaxing nightout?

This has got to be one best theme bars in the Hong Kong located in the Sheraton Hotel on Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui offering an alternative to your usual bar lounges that plaque the city nightlife hotspots. Someplace Else's wild wild west décor creates an aura that takes you into Clint Eastwood's cowboy movies, somewhere where you feel picking up the oak stools and chairs and throwing it across the bar would be fun, but do try to remember that doing something like that these days is pretty much unacceptable behaviour, so please refrain. The walls are also fully and beautifully decorated with old photos of the West.

Enjoy the environment with your cheap beer or gin during their happy hours between 4pm and 8pm everyday. Live bands play from 7.30pm onwards to get the crowds going and at 10.30pm, disco time starts and people start showing off their barn dancing. All very fun. Definitely one of my favourite choices for a relaxing nightout to escape Hong Kong's ever so fast-paced reality.

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Happy Hours:
4pm-8pm daily
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Someplace Else
Area: Tsim Sha Tsui
Address: B/F, The Sheraton Hotel, 20 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui
Contact: 23691111

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0 #1 richard brooks
2010-11-09 09:42
I used to work as a waiter at Someplace Else when it first opened in 1982/83. It was a great place, a bit like "Cheers", and a really fun place to work. I remember there was a pianola that used to play traditional american songs and a couple of musicians called Mario and Ming who used to perform there. I worked with some really great people, but returned to the UK in early 84, and have not been back since. Would love to find out where they all are. Anyway Someplace Else was great
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+1 #2 Mike
2010-11-24 15:30
I remember you Richard..Good times buddy.
SPE has been closed for a while as it turned to crap since 2002. Its a damn shame as it used to be a great bar.
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+1 #3 richard
2011-03-15 07:32
Hi Mike, I put this link up on FB and my old school friend comented on what a great time she had during the 'two-for-one' Happy Hour. Do me a huge favour and link up on FB. I'm in Hastings U.K. Maybe we can find more SPE Vets?!
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0 #4 willem
2011-04-12 20:46
I feel very sorry that this marvellous bar is still closed. When you come from outside HK this is really the place to be.
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0 #5 wolfgang
2011-09-14 16:32
the Someplace Else in the Sheraton is long closed you may wish to note ...
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0 #6 Philippe
2012-02-20 18:46
and Ricks cafe TST , the original with the moose head , what a place this used to be ...the best ladies night and aircrew nights !
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0 #7 richard k
2012-07-09 20:05
my wife and i got engaged there 1982 we have just bought retirement home here in S Africa and are looking for someone who may be in possession of a Menu or similar we wan't to recreate the plaque they had at the entrance "At this place in 1897 nothing happened (penny farthing graffic ) Someplace Else"
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